Memory Maker Monday

Monorail Mom Jenn and her husband Bob are scared of the Headless Horseman during Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party…. It’s really not so scary!

“Is the memory maker worth it?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in our Facebook groups Monorail Moms and Real Disney Planning.

Questions like this are always tricky, but my honest, albeit corny opinion is yes. My family and I, as well as the rest of the Monorail Moms love the Memory Maker. Priced at $199.00 ($169.00 if purchased in advance) seems steep at first, and can be off putting.  But for myself, it feels well worth it to not have to carry around my fancy camera all day, every day, or settle for iPhone pictures. Lets take a look at what it includes:

  • Unlimited digital downloads of all your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos
  • Select Attraction photos and videos
  • Select Character dining photos
  • Discounts on prints of your photos
  • Magic Shots – featuring Disney Characters and more, added to your photos
  • Digital borders and stickers to personalize your photos

It is true that Photo Pass Photographers WILL use your own camera if you give it to them, but overall, those moments are for posed shots only. Posed shots are great, but I know my fancy camera and iPhone camera do NOT come with the ability to take Magic Shots (HEY, I told you I’m corny! ) I just adore when I find a new Magic Shot and look at my pictures later on and see what shows up.  You may even find out the force is strong with you or your child after taking a Magic Shot!

Monorail Mom Merideths daughter Adison. The force is STRONG with this one!


I polled some group members and asked them why they purchased the Memory Maker. I’ve included a few of their photos and the reasoning they chose to purchase it.


Another thing we love about the Memory Maker photo package is that it includes select ride photos AND videos. Remember that time I went on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?? I do, and always will thanks to Memory Maker! Thats right, I WAS IN A VIDEO, and yes, my husband was holding my hand to save me….

With Memory Maker, I’m in all of the photos now! That may not sound appealing to some, but for me, pictures are everything. With having three children to get posed or not posed for pictures, I feel a sense of relief knowing that the Photo Pass Photographer is there to make the process easy and fun for me.  While I am trying to get my antsy toddler to pose, the Photo Pass Photographer is setting up the rest of my family and/or getting shots while he/she waits for me. While not every photograph taken is going to end up as a canvas on my wall, I have found that almost all Photo Pass Photographers are fantastic, and leave me with a great variety of photographs to choose from.

Walter Bean explains to Moana that Walter is Moana AND Maui. She was VERY impressed!

Though the price tag is hefty, I have never once been upset that I purchased the Memory Maker. From photo shoots at the Photo Pass Studio in Disney Springs , to dining photos with our Disney Ohana, to adding stickers and Borders to our pictures, we over at Monorail Moms just love the Memory Maker. My personal pictures are priceless, and I just know that my children will love looking back on them one day. Heck, they like looking at them now. My teen LOVES the ability to have instant access to the pictures as well through the My Disney Experience app. Because if it doesn’t end up on Instagram, did you even really go to Disney at all???

To make a long blog post longer, buy the Memory Maker. Its fun, its convenient, you can get ride photos, Magic Shots, and YOU can be in the pictures. Seriously, that will be important one day, just trust me on that one. However, if you still need some more convincing, take a look below at some of our favorite family shots and photos submitted by group members!

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