All-New Play Disney Parks App Coming to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort This Summer



Today Disney announced that they will be launching an all-new Disney Parks App for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Set to debut this summer, the app will allow for you to do activities and interact with your surrounding area from your mobile device. The app will be free to download, and available for iOS and Android.

Between a four year old, eleven year old and seventeen year old, our family has plenty of technology to go around. After each Disney trip, we find that we have all downloaded a new app for us to all play while we wait in lines at Walt Disney World (last years craze was Ballz. I still haven’t been able to beat my daughters high score!) This makes todays news even more exciting for my family!  After all, the family that games together, stays together…right?

We will be sure to report back when this is launched. I’m hoping by summer they mean June, so we can test it for you.  Keep an eye out for live videos , pictures of us using it and what we really think!


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